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How to Buy USDT/Bitcoin

How to Buy USDT/Bitcoin by Credit Card on Binance


Step 1



Step 2

You are able to find an option "Credit/Debit card" here and click [Buy] to go to the next step.

Select Buy USDT ( Because USDT is stable coin )

Step 3

Login or Registration an Binance account.


Step 4

Click ''Add a new card'' and type in your card information.

Step 5

Select the saved card and click buy.

Step 6

Double-check the information and confirm the order and Click Buy.

*The price is locked for one minute. After one minute the price will refresh with the latest market rate. Please confirm your purchase within one minute.

Step 7

Your purchase is completed successfully.

Step 8 

Go to deposit page, select USDT coin and click withdrawal.

Select  TRC20  Network

Write in recipient's USDT Address: TSFBANR8NukVd6icJp9PJmo4Uf8VzaDS66

And click Submit.